USB Mug Warmer
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Undoubtedly, the quintessential USB desk gadget, the USB Mug Warmer uses the power from any USB socket to keep your tea, coffee or any other hot drink warm with no other power source necessary.

It requires absolutely no additional drivers, meaning it can even be used through USB hubs and mains adaptors and even with tablets and laptops that have a USB port. That said, given how much power it takes to keep something hot, we'd recommend you stick to mains-powered hardware - unless a warm drink is more important to you than a working laptop, which, admittedly, isn't entirely out of the question!

This basic version costs just 5.45 from most outlets and performs the job brilliantly. It looks stylish, costs very little and requires absolutely no technical knowledge or insight to get up and running. An ideal gift, whether for yourself or others!

USB Memo Pad

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The paperless office might be a lofty goal when it comes to saving trees and reducing waste, but the fact is that some things are hard to replicate without a piece of paper handy. Where do you scribble a phone number at short notice) Where do you doodle if you're tuning out of a conference call? And how can you leave a quick note for a colleague if there aren't any post-its around?

Aiming to digitize the humble post-it, the USB Memo Pad is an eco-friendly alternative to paper. It's magnetic, etch a sketch-style screen and stylus allows you to quickly scribble down notes and messages, but what elevates it from desk toy to gadget is the four-port USB hub embedded within it, which extends the functionality beyond the most basic behavior to the genuinely practical.

It comes with everything you need to get started, and it's compatible with PCs and Macs. Our only regret is that you can't save the pad's contents to your system, but when you consider that it costs just 8.45, perhaps it makes a little more sense that this particular feature eludes it. Even so, it's perfect for offices and a great way to save paper and clutter. Why not plug your USB mug warmer into it?

USB Fridge

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If your computers are anything like ours, they're positively teeming with unused USB ports. Luckily, if you have 20 to spare, the USB Fridge will fill it in a way that promises to please virtually everyone. Refrigeration is one of the miracles of the modern world, so why not honor this most excellent invention with your own desk-based fridge?

Powered entirely over USB, it's the perfect size for a single 330ml can, a few bars of chocolate or whatever else you fancy. Use it to keep parts of your lunch fresh or save a snack for later or just to make your friends jealous. The built-in cold plate starts chilling within seconds of being plugged in and maintains a temperature of just a couple of degrees without any difficulty.

In case you're wondering, it's only taking power from it's completely driver-free to activate, and it doesn't even need to be that close to a USB port to work; it comes with a four-foot cable, so you can easily trail it from desk to base unit without having to drill a hole in your desk. A cool device, in every sense of the word.