Products like Nest and Hive allow you to remotely control various aspects of your home, such as heating and lighting, but in a way there's a certain logic to this. It's all electronic, after all. Stretching that logic to and possibly beyond its natural extension is the Greenbox - a Wi-Fi capable, smartphone-controlled garden irrigation system. You've seen nothing like this.
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Designed, presumably, for people who want to keep their plants watered while they're away, the Greenbox comes with its own manual-control app for IOS and a web app for other platforms, or you can link it to things like the weather and soil moisture sensors that'll operate it automatically whenever your garden needs watering. According to the website, Greenbox Cloud "optimizes your watering programs using a proprietary irrigation algorithm" so that your grass and plants get exactly the amount of water they need.

Admittedly, it's got its uses, and it doesn't cost a horrendous amount given how niche a product it is Gust $219), but one wonders if it'll catch on. Probably not in the UK, because it requires you to already own a rudimentary irrigation system, and in this country we tend to just rely on the sky to open periodically. And let's face it, if there's one thing we've not had any problem with recently, it's keeping gardens moist. Maybe if you're running your own stately home or in sole charge of a lawn tennis club, the Greenbox will look like a product worth getting, but as bizarre gadgets go, it's got to be up there with the weirdest.