You probably think that allowing your house to be unlocked using Bluetooth is asking for trouble, but August clearly doesn't agree with that assessment. The August Smart Lock is, according to its maker, a simple, secure and 'social' (we'll explain that in a second) way to manage your home's lock without requiring a set of keys.
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Technically speaking, security isn't much of a concern. The encrypted connection, in real terms, is no less secure than a standard lock and has the added benefit of allowing you to place time restrictions on access to your home. The 'social' function of this gadget means you can issue 'keys' to your friends, who can then enter your home using just their phone (as long as it's within the limits you've specified). As well as this, you can see a log of who's entered and when, meaning there's no way for someone to sneak in without you realizing.

Other features include 'Auto Unlock' (which opens your door as you get near), 'Ever lock' (which automatically locks the door every time it's closed) and a virtual guestbook people can sign when they use their 'keys'. The system is powered by four AA batteries, which ensure it stays working even in a power cut, and it doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection to work. When the battery runs low, you'll get a reminder to change them well before it becomes a problem. Of course, while all that sounds like it might be fun and futuristic, we just have one question: what do you do if your phone's battery runs out when you're outdoors?