The WiiU might have been something of a flop, but motion control isn't going away any time soon, with gesture and motion technology being incorporated in everything from tablets to TVs. Now, with the Leap Motion Controller, you can incorporate it into your PC or Mac as well. Using technology similar to Microsoft's Kinect, the Leap Motion Controller can track both hands including individual finger movements. The provided Airspace software allows you to interact with a huge variety of games and productivity software for free, and you can buy new ones using their own app store, which contains known brands such as Fruit Ninja, Google Earth and Air Beats.

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The device itself is just 80mm long and takes up almost no desk space. Its field of interaction is a massive 150 degrees, which effectively gives you 22 cubic meters of space to work in. It connects to a USB port on your device and then sits on a desk not unlike a mouse. The only difference is that instead of moving it, you move your hands above it. You can pinch, reach, swipe and grab to control what you see on screen, all with almost no visible latency.

The RRP for the Leap Motion Controller is just 69.99, which isn't much if you like the idea of getting some Minority Report-style action on your home computer. Whether or not it's going to survive in a market where motion control is feeling increasingly gimmicky is less clear, but whether you're after a little fun or something to help with your access needs, the Leap Motion Controller can help.