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Thread: The World's Number One Tv Bed

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    The World's Number One Tv Bed

    Enjoy high-tech home entertainment in your bedroom with the most sophisticated TV Bed on the market.
    Having a television in your bedroom is nothing new, but having a high-quality set built into your bed takes this everyday luxury to a whole new level.

    No longer does a TV have to take up space on a chest of drawers or balance on a chair - with a TV Bed, you simply click a button and the television set glides up from the footboard of your bed, quiet and sleek.

    Fully cabled, the TV Bed enables you to watch digital TV and DVDs, and links easily to the internet so you can watch what you like, when you like, with whoever you like.
    Great-looking and incredibly well made, the Azure ships with a high-quality TV for a great price.

    Stylish Bed, Stylish Bedroom
    As the television set rises, the power is switched on automatically. In its viewing position, the TV sits flush with the rest of the bed's footboard on its own platform, at a comfortable angle whether you're sitting or lying in bed. Once you're finished, one* button touch lets the TV glide back down, automatically switching off the power. Whether the TV is in use or stored away, the top of the footboard is flat, so there are no ugly gaps. The TV Bed also holds the patent for the slimmest footboard (just 140mm at its deepest point). So unlike other products on the market, your bed looks elegant and sleek, just like the rest of the room. Easy-to-use cable management within the frame also ensures there are no messy wires showing.

    There are four different models of TV Bed so you can find one to suit your style, including The Belmond's steel four-poster design. Simple and elegant, all four designs are available in a range of modern colours and a leather-hide finish.

    A Personal Touch

    Standard bed sizes from doubles to emperor beds are all included in the TV Bed range, and you can choose from a series of premium mattresses to suit your needs. Matching bedside drawers are also available. For the truly personal touch, you can order a bespoke size or finish for your TV Bed and mattress. The handcrafted, UK-based production process allows for all kinds of made-to-order options - you can even order a colour, finish or cover for your bed to match your existing bedroom's decor.

    Quality in the Detail

    Everything about the TV Bed is designed for you to get the best TV and the best bed. Every TV Bed is built with the latest Samsung 32-inch LED television, for lasting high performance. When you order, you have the option to upgrade the television to the latest 32-inch Samsung Smart TV with Wi-Fi. The television cabling is safely housed within the bed's frame and designed so it's easy to switch from watching TV to DVDs to playing games or even using the internet.

    The TV Bed has all you need to keep you in touch with the latest home entertainment, day and night.
    A Cut above the Rest
    Since the TV Bed Company was founded in 2003, many other companies have started to produce similar products. However, the original TV Bed remains the best-selling range on the market, and for good reason. Based just north of London, the company makes its beds by hand in the UK, sourcing components from the best suppliers at home and abroad. For example, the motor is German engineered and the hatch hinges are precision-made in Austria to ensure the best glide-up, glide-down performance every time you want to watch TV. Along with high* quality wooden frames and upholstery accredited by the UK Leather Association Federation, its details like these that have set the TV Bed apart from the rest of the market.
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    Amazing and out standing for Every one i want to replace order where i can do let me know?

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    This looks awesome, hoping to get one for myself soon

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