When DISADVANTAGES of a private cloud are to be evaluated, the following areas require careful attention;

MAINTENANCE: When compared to a shared (public) cloud server, a private cloud server requires more attentiveness and maintenance owing to its independent Operating system and other applications.

AVAILABILITY: Ensuring a maximum up time and Availability of data resources for the end user needs demands constant monitoring of private cloud servers, as well as reliable data/server backup options.

INADEQUATE RESOURCES: Most service providers extend only minimum resources to their private cloud server customers, they have CPU usage/ traffic restrictions, extend only Buffer/Burst memory instead of dedicated memory/RAM , unlicensed monitoring applications etc. to cut down cost and offer cheaper private cloud server hosting solutions.

SECURITY: Security per se of the private cloud server is not a disadvantage, however it is an ongoing and continuous activity. So it is important that the end users take adequate measures to secure their private cloud servers from external attacks and hacks.

Despite the above disadvantages private cloud servers are lucrative for their efficiency, cost and often the best solutions for Small medium Enterprises. If you are planning to set up virtual private server, make sure you research well on your option and choose your hosting company with lot of care.

While choosing hosting provider take a look at the customer service performance and choose service providers who can offer you the advantages and overcome the above disadvantages.

Datasoft’s distinctive offerings help you to OVERCOME THE DISADVANTAGES and mitigate the risks that arise, learn how we do it below.

MAINTENANCE: Our constant monitoring with well supervised 24/7 Staffed Datacenter, 24/7 CRM access together with unmatched 24*7 standard chat support ensures that we help you overcome any specific disadvantage that arises from lapse in monitoring. Moreover, we also offer Premium chat support at a competitive rate $29/month

AVAILABILITY: To ensure reliable availability of your data and to ensure maximum up time, Datasoft is equipped with Premium Datacenters that has Redundant Power, Redundant Internet and Premium Bandwidth. We also offer Premium Back up services for Databases as well as servers, with back up plans ranging from $9/month to $19 a month.

INADEQUATE RESOURCES: Datasoft offers flexibility to its Private cloud server customers to choose from different Operating systems, dedicated memory that can be upgradable and does not share the resources with other server users. We are committed to offer our customers superior service and do not comprise our service levels to reduce costs.

SECURITY: At Datasoft we prioritize and uphold the security needs of our customers. We offer EXCLUSIVE individual firewall consoles/configurations for both our Private & Public cloud servers, We also meet advanced security needs of customers for dedicated servers as well by extends DDOS protection services with plans beginning from $3.99/month for websites and $29/month for servers. Learn more at
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